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Jak připravit efektivní prezentaci? Zkuste naše rady

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Server Lidovky.cz vám ve spolupráci s jazykovou agenturou Skřivánek přináší další pravidelnou pondělní lekci kurzu byznys angličtiny. Tentokrát Vám poradíme, jak připravit efektivní prezentaci, kterou zaujmete své kolegy a přesvědčíte své nadřízené.

Read the following paragraph and fill in the missing words from the box:

words: follow-up, activities, room, feedback, handouts, visual aids, materials, content
Paragraph: It does not matter whether you are preparing a presentation for a conference or a business meeting, making the presentation interesting will require a coordination of several activities and procedures to be done. There is the 1)____ to be set up properly, you should incorporate 2)____ into the speech, choose an interesting 3)____, maybe even some 4)____ for your listeners to carry out, distribute takeaway 5)____ and 6)____ and allow the participants to digest, try out and ask about the information in the handouts. A good idea is to think of a 7)____ so that you can get 8)____ from the participants and that they have time to think about the whole presentation and make suggestions for improvements or for further steps.

Below is a list of the steps you should follow when preparing a presentation. Before you continue reading, try to put them into the correct order.

__Prepare an effective power-point presentation
__Set the goal of the presentation
__Prepare and try out the opening sentence(-s)
__Arrive on time, prepare the room and be prepared for last minute adjustments
__Do a thorough research on the topic
__Present the topic
__Analyze the needs of your audience

However, before you start preparing for the whole presentation, try to think about the audience and analyze their needs and expectations. Once you know what the audience want, you can "sell” your presentation.

Read the following paragraph and fill in missing letters in the incomplete words:

The second step would be setting the goal. Stating what the main aim of the presentation is and keeping it in front of you will help you to stay focused and achieve this goal. The four principal goals of any communication between people are to 1)i _ _ _ _ m, to 2)r _ _ _ _ _ t for an action, to 3)p _ _ _ _ _ _ e and finally to 4)b _ _ _ d relationship. Your task is then to choose from these or to come up with your own and present it to your audience at the very beginning of the presentation.

Read the rest of the article and match the words with their definitions:

1) Thorough
2) Outline
3) Sophisticated
4) Confidently
5) To maintain
6) To range
7) Punctuation
8) Abbreviation
9) Commitment

A) A shortened form of a word or phrase
B) To vary within specified limits
C) A general description covering the main points of a subject
D) To keep up or carry on
E) The state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action
F) Marked by assurance
G) Exhaustively complete
H) The use of standard marks and signs in writing and printing to separate words into sentences, clauses, and phrases
I) Having acquired worldly knowledge

Preparation of the topic is a vital part of the whole process. Do a thorough research and be prepared for questions the participants can ask. Talk about your experience as well and make sure you have enough facts to answer potential curious questions. Remember, you as the presenter are the one in power, you know the facts, you have read and experienced many situations and you are the one who is sophisticated, so make your participants feel that you really know a lot about the topic you are presenting and talk about it confidently.

How you give your talk is as important as what you actually say. Whenever possible, prepare an outline for you to use during the presentation or use a marking system which will help you to guide your delivery.

The first impression you make when you start the presentation is the essential moment when the audience decides about you as a presenter. Plan your opening sentences and practice them in advance, use short sentences, grab the attention with a little bit of humour, keep the technical information at a minimum, choose a positive statement or provoke your audience with a question or a statement which will make them listen to you.

Your audience has to feel your commitment to the message and you should strongly believe in what you say because this is what the participants will feel as well. Also, stay relaxed, you have prepared well, you know your strengths and you should present them. Natural humour can help you as well but do not make fun of anyone from the audience. Think of your body and hand positions as well. Using gestures is a very effective help but do not overuse it. Do not hide but maintain eye contact with the audience.

Finally, be sure about the place where you are presenting and arrive early so that you can check out the details, prepare extra materials, change the seating or make any last minute adjustments. Every tiny detail is very important.

Fill in the numbers into the following paragraph:

Your speech should be as effective as your presentation. Include only necessary information into the slides, use 1)____ words a line, 2)____ lines a slide at maximum, present the information graphically or in diagrams. Moreover, remember that eyes land in optical centre of screen, so you should not crow the information and you should leave space between the lines as well. Use a template for your slides, standardise colours and styles, limit the use of colours and use colours that contrast. Font size should range between 3)____ – 4)____; additionally, avoid punctuations and abbreviations.

Test your knowledge HERE

Correct answers

Read the following paragraph... 1) room, 2) visual aids, 3) content, 4) activities, 5) materials, 6) handouts, 7) follow-up, 8) feedback

Below is a list of the steps... 4, 2, 5, 6, 3, 7, 1

Read the following paragraph... 1) inform, 2) request, 3) persuade, 4) build

Read the rest of the article... 1 - g, 2 - c, 3 - i, 4 - f, 5 - d, 6 - b, 7 - h, 8 - a, 9 - e

Fill in the numbers... 1) 7, 2) 7, 3) 18, 4) 48

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Letní pohledy ke stažení: Vytiskněte, vymalujte a pošlete

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