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Jak správně vyřizovat objednávky?

I dnes vám ve spolupráci s jazykovou agenturou Skřivánek přináší pravidelnou lekci kurzu byznys angličtiny. Tentokrát si zopakujeme pravidla pro vyřizování objednávek a osvětlíme si postupy procesů od poptávky přes objednávku až po příjem zboží. Správné odpovědi naleznete opět na konci lekce.

Než si objednáte, přečtěte si, kolik má vaše jídlo kalorií. foto: Profimedia

Read the introductory text and put these headings to appropriate places:

Covering letter, Refusing an order, Placing an order, Replying to an order, Receiving an order


Putting an order together and placing the order requires only a few hints to be kept in mind. It does not matter whether you have an official form for ordering, it is always better to send a covering letter to accompany the form for placing the orders. In the covering letter it is advisable to mention all the terms of payment, shipment and delivery to make sure everything will be provided as promised and desired.


On the other hand, if you receive an order, it should be acknowledged as soon as you receive it. Sending an email or a letter is the most convenient way to do that.
If there are any problems concerning the delivery or availability, inform the customer straightway and tell them what you intend to do and what amendments are going to be taken. Additionally, an apology for the inconvenience should never be forgotten even if the problems were not caused by anything you could have influenced or prevented.

Read the following advice and fill in the missing words:


In case you decide to turn the offer down because of inappropriate requirements from the client or because of any other reasons, be polite and try to generalize the terms. The customer should not think that the refusal only applies to him or his company but that all such orders are being refused. Moreover, take into consideration the words you use so that the tone of the letter is not too negative. Instead of the words r_ _ _ _ _ and r_ _ _ _ _, it is better to choose d_ _ _ _ _ _ or t_ _ _ d_ _ _ .

Example of such a refusal can be:

Dear Mr. Pitter,

Thank you for your order, No.TH225, which we have received today. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the 25% trade discount you demanded. Our maximum discount even on large orders is 15%, as our prices are highly competitive. Accordingly, in this instance, I regret to tell you that we have to turn your order down.

Frank Shaw


When you are putting an order together, begin the letter by acknowledging the enclosed order, mention how you would like to have the goods packed, specify the transport and the period of delivery. If you were given discount, mention that and notify the type of payment, at the end finish the letter by a closing sentence.

Now have a look at the following covering letter and choose the correct paragraph structure:

GEP Media
145 Short Street
Telephone: +44 5566 778899
Fax: +44 5566 693647

We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

If any of the ordered books or magazines are not available, we are willing to wait two more weeks.

We reserve the right to refuse goods delivered after a four-week period.

We agreed that they will be sent by post. The books will be wrapped individually and the magazines can be wrapped into one box.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Pitter

The delivery of the goods should be within two weeks to our shop in Pemberly.

Dear Mr Shaw,
On the following page, please find our order No. SQ224 for various books and magazines.

We will pay cash upon delivery. When I spoke to you last week, you agreed that for future transactions, you might allow us to settle quarterly.

Have a look at the order itself and fill in the appropriate categories from the box below:

Gross Total, Total Cost, Quantitiy, Unit Price, Discount, Net amount due, Code, Item, Order No.

1) ____ SQ224












IT World











8)____ @ 7%





If you want to send a reply to an order, first acknowledge the letter, thank them for the order, mention, if some of the goods are out of stock, remind them of the type of payment and finally end on an optimistic note.

Read through the reply and fill in appropriate prepositions:

Dear Mr Pitter,

Our ref: Order SQ224

Following our recent email conversation, I would like to thank you ­­1)____ the 2)____ order which we are now making up. We have all the items 3)____stock and will advise you 4)____ the delivery tomorrow. You can definitely pay cash 5)____ delivery.

Should you have any further specifications and orders 6)____ discuss, please feel free 7)____ contact me immediately.

Frank Shaw

Sales Director

145 Short Street
Telephone: +44 5566 778899
Fax: +44 5566 693647

Test your knowledge HERE

Correct answers

A) Placing an order

B) Receiving an order

C) Refusing an order
- refuse, reject, decline, turn, down

D) Covering letter

Now have a look.... (kliknutím zvětšte)

obchodní dopis

Have a look... 1) Order No. , 2) Quantity, 3) Item, 4) Code, 5) Unit Price, 6) Total Cost, 7) Gross Total, 8) Discount, 9) Net amount due

E) Replying to an order

Read through... 1) for, 2) above, 3) in, 4) about, 5) upon, 6) to, 7) to


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