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Jaký postoj zaujmout při obchodním jednání? Zkuste naše rady

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Server Lidovky.cz vám ve spolupráci s jazykovou agenturou Skřivánek přináší další pravidelnou pondělní lekci kurzu byznys angličtiny. Tentokrát vám poradíme, jak se připravit na úspěšné jednání, jaký zaujmout postoj a jak naslouchat. Naučíme vás umění úspěšného jednání. Správné odpovědi naleznete opět na konci lekce.

Fill in the following verbs into the paragraph below:

words: 1) deserve, 2) achieve, 3) persuade, 4) start, 5) want, 6)need, 7) get, 8) remember, 9) take, 10) attend

Negotiation is a dialogue whose aim it is to a)____ agreements and it is a part of both your business and everyday life. This is the most important thing to b)____ before you c)____ negotiating with somebody about something. There are many situations when you d)____ to negotiate, for example when you e)____ to buy something for a much lower price, when you want to f)____ a pay rise, when you want to g)____ your business partner into buying for a higher price than he wanted or when you h)____ a business meeting. Then try to i)____ into consideration several strategies for successful negotiations and the process of getting what you want and j)____ will be streamlined.

Read the 6 paragraphs below and match them with these headings:
1. Professional help
2. Attitude
3. Indifference
4. Limits
5. Research
6. Persuasion


If it is done ahead of time it will provide you with valuable information about the possibilities. The best sources for it can be the internet – as there you can find a lot of useful information and comparisons – and of course it can be your family and friends as well – as they can be a confidential and safe source of information.

Find the synonyms for these adjectives in the first paragraph:
a) Helpful - _____
b) Secure - _____
c) Worth - _____
d) Credible - _____


In the second paragraph, find the examples of these grammatical structures:
Imperative - _________
Inversion of word order for emphasis - ______ 
Passive voice - _______

They need to be set clearly and firmly. Make sure that you are aware of where and how far you want the negotiations to continue and what the final offer is. Keep your goal and stick to the limits but never should you accept less than you deserve. Never make your decisions in a hurry because then you could be pushed into a deal you would not normally accept.


You should be direct but light-hearted as nobody wants to negotiate with a badly disposed person. On the other hand, positive approach is as important as stating your objectives clearly and openly. Then the negotiation can be effective. If you want to be a good negotiator you should put your opponent into a win-win situation because the essential component of negotiation is trust. As a result, both of you should feel satisfied.


Fill in a, an or the into the fourth paragraph
You have to convince your opponent that you are willing to walk away from 1)____ negotiations. But be prepared to actually walk away if the person does not meet your requirements. 2)____ best training is with cheap goods. Remember, you should not get persuaded that this is 3)____ only, unique or 4)____ rare offer, it is just another tactic to make 5)____ customer buy 6)____ product. Make your opponent feel insecure by not responding immediately to their offer. If possible, you can try to wait for7)____ few days before you contact them with your answer or tell them you have 8)____ better option. But 9)____ option or better price should still be realistic; then, you can ask about whether 10)____ opponent can offer any improvements.


Make your opponent say yes. A successful strategy is to make them feel the most important decision makers and show a great deal of respect. You have a problem but they are the powerful ones who can help you with that. Moreover, each negation should finish in a positive way, shake hands with your opponent and offer your business for another future venture you can arrange together.


If the communication or negotiation gets too difficult, do not forget that you can hire an expert.

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Correct answers

Fill in the following verbs... 1-j. 2-a, 3-g, 4-c, 5-e, 6-d, 7-f, 8-b, 9-i, 10-h

A) Research
a) Useful, b) safe, c) valuable, d) confidential
B) Limits

· Make sure, Keep your goal and stick to the limits. Never make your decisions in a hurry.
· never should you accept,
· be set, be pushed
C) Attitude
D) Indifference
Fill in a, an or the into the fourth paragraph..
1) the, 2) the, 3) the, 4) a, 5) the, 6) a, 7) a, 8) a, 3) the, 10) the
E) Persuasion
F) Professional help

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