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Jedete na 'business trip'? Připravte se s námi

Server vám ve spolupráci s jazykovou agenturou Skřivánek přináší druhou lekci byznys angličtiny. V tomto díle vyrazíme na pracovní cestu, pojďme se tedy na ni připravit.

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Business trips used to be quite popular with businessmen and managers in the past but as the time changes and these people have to travel much more frequently and to much farther destinations it involves travelling long hours, spending time at the airports, in traffic jams and on delayed trains accompanied by time pressure and stressful situations.

Read the following questions and fill in the question words from the box:

How much        What                Who                 Where              How long         

Before you go on a business trip, ask these questions to make sure you know the essential information about the journey and its schedule.

(1) ________ are we going for our business trip?

(2) ________ is the objective for this business trip?

(3) ________ is the business trip scheduled for?

(4) ________ should I report to when I get to the company?

(5) ________ is the per diem?

Read the following paragraph and fill in appropriate words (the first letter is there to help you):

hand     stressful     delayed     means     facility    cancelled     connection

Travelling by car is one of the most frequent m__(1)___ of transport if the destination is not too far. Flying or travelling by train can be quite s__(2)___ as these means of transport are frequently d__(3)___ or c__(4)___. On the other h__(5)___, you can use your laptop and work while travelling as wi-fi c__(6)___ is becoming a standard f__(7)___ on trains, buses and planes.

Read though the following paragraph and choose the best words to fill in the gaps:

Going on a business trip requires not only planning the (1)_______ as such but also booking (2)_______ if necessary and planning carefully the activities you need to (3)_______. Planning the trip (4)_______ will save (5)_______ and enable the highest (6)_______.

1. a) journeyb) roadc) travel
2. a) flatb) housec) accommodation
3. a) listb) schedulec) time-table
4. a) goodlyb) wisec) wisely
5. a) chargesb) costsc) consumption
6. a) effectivenessb) effectivityc) effectment

Read through the following two paragraphs and find synonyms or near synonyms to the words given below:

Regarded = (1)________
Prospective, possible = (2)________
Trust = (3)_________
Occasion = (4)_________
In a foreign country = (5)_________

In most companies, business trip is viewed as a privilege as you have been given the responsibility to represent the company abroad and you will have the great opportunity for networking and finding new potential clients. 

If you have to travel by plane, pack a hand luggage in which you have all the necessary papers and things you will need in case your luggage gets lost or delayed.

Read through the following two paragraphs and create antonyms to the words given below using appropriate prefixes:

Underestimate = (1)________
Formal = (2)________
Appropriate = (3)________

Dress code is another issue that should not be underestimated. It does not matter whether you are asked to give a speech at a conference or play golf. Formal dress-code appropriate for the activity is always required.

As business trip does not have to be a strictly formal occasion, try to mix it with business meals or sport activities during which you can establish rapport with your business partners and discuss general topics.

Check your knowledge of travel vocabulary. Match the words with their correct definitions:

gate                 hand luggage                check-in                       queue

business class          aisle seat          terminal            passport control

(1)________ = the act of registering in a hotel

(2)________ = a place on the bus/ train/ plane which is not by the window

(3)________ = a bag you can take on board of a plane

(4)________ = line of people

(5)________ = passengers proceed through this when boarding or leaving an airplane

(6)________ = a place where you show your travel documents

(7)________ = a building where you arrive and leave

(8)________ = a level of comfort of air travel which is less luxurious than first class but superior to economy class

TEST your knowledge HERE


Fill in the question words from the box:
1. Where; 2. What; 3. How long; 4. Who; 5. How much

Fill in appropriate words:
1. means; 2. stressful; 3. delayed; 4. cancelled; 5. hand; 6. connection; 7. facility

The best words to fill in the gaps:
1. a) journey; 2. c) accommodation; 3. b) schedule; 4. c) wisely; 5. b) costs; 6. a) effectiveness

1. Regarded = viewed; 2. Prospective, possible = potential; 3. Trust = responsibility; 4. Occasion = opportunity; 5. In a foreign country = abroad

1. Underestimate = overestimate; 2. Formal = informal; 3. Appropriate = inappropriate

Travel vocabulary:
1. check-in; 2. aisle seat; 3. hand luggage; 4. queue; 5. gate; 6. passport control; 7. terminal; 8. business class

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