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Neformální mezinárodní večírek či párty? Vrhněte se do víru dění!

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Jako každé pondělí Vám Server Lidovky.cz ve spolupráci s jazykovou agenturou Skřivánek přináší pravidelnou lekci kurzu byznys angličtiny. Tentokrát se dozvíte tipy a triky, které Vám pomohou elegantně proplout vodami nejen mezinárodního obchodního večírku.

Read the following two paragraphs and fill in the words according to the definitions below:

1. Intended to entrap
2. The opposite of successfully
3. Arranged or changed so as to match
4. Regarding
5. The opposite of obligatory
6. Eager anticipation
7. Exciting sexual desire
8. Suitable for a particular person, condition, occasion, or place; fitting

Business parties can be very 1.____. The combination of a business environment, colleagues, partylike behaviour and drinks can easily end up 2. ____ if the participants do not bear in their minds that their behaviour should be 3. ____ to the combination of business and a party.

4. ____ the invitation to a business party, it is not exactly 5. ____ whether you want to come or not. It is an unspoken 6. ____ that you should show up and stay for at least thirty minutes. Also the dress code will not be too partylike. Men should not wear white shirts but a shirt is a must. The rules for women are similar, the clothes do not have to be exactly the same as for a business meeting but wearing 7. ____ dress or make-up is not 8. ____ for this event as well. If you are not sure about what you should wear for the party, double check the dress code of the company so that you get dressed appropriately. If you do not have time to change your clothes before you go to the party, women can just put on some jewellery and evening make-up and men can choose darker suits to wear at work that day.

Read the next part and fill in the verbs from the box:

Box: improve, talk, fit, remove, create, enhance, see

Text: The business party is a good teambuilding activity when the colleagues can 1)____ to each other about things different from business related ones and the manager can 2)____ how and whether the employees 3)____ into the team. Such a party can also 4)____ relationships between the colleagues and 5)____ professional barriers. Employees can 6)____ their reputation and image and can 7)____ a greater number of business contacts.

Have a look at another paragraph and fill in appropriate preposition:

Usually it depends 1)____ the company what kind 2)____ a party it prepares but there are certain features which remain the same. 3)____ the party there is food and frequently alcohol as well. These can be very tricky components since the people have to stick 4)____ the company etiquette. If you show up 5)____ a party, it will demonstrate 6)____ your managers that you want to partake 7)____ the culture 8)____ the company and you can mingle 9)____ friends and colleagues or build new business contacts.

Read the rest of the article and put the paragraphs into the correct order:

A) __________

On the other hand, you should be aware that inappropriate behaviour and excessive drinking can lead into the risk of disciplinary action or angry management. You should act during the party as though your behaviour is being observed every minute because it probably is and you should conduct yourself in a strictly professional way all the time. Try not to talk about business and keep the conversation light-hearted and positive because complaining will not help to stimulate cheerful and relaxed atmosphere either.


In other words, try to enjoy the party as much as you can obeying the rules and the etiquette of the company and try to get to know your colleagues and managers to strengthen the company relationships.


Eating or drinking too much will not present you in the best way as well. Also, gossiping or talking only about work will not improve the mood of the party and its participants. If not specified, taking your friend or a partner to a business party is not usually welcome because they are not the employees of the particular company and do not help the process of teambuilding.


Always keep one hand free during the party so that you can shake hands with new colleagues and keep your drink in your left hand as you definitely do not want to offer your colleagues a cold wet handshake. Take a great deal of time to network with people at the party, especially with those who can influence your future career such as top management or people from other departments or from other locations.

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Correct answers

Read the following.. 1) insidious, 2) unsuccessfully, 3) adjusted, 4) Concerning, 5) voluntary, 6) expectation, 7) provocative, 8) appropriate

Read the next part... 1) talk, 2) see, 3) fit, 4) improve, 5) remove, 6) enhance, 7) create

Have a look... 1) on, 2) of, 3) At, 4) to, 5) at, 6) to, 7) in, 8) of, 9) with

Read the rest of the article... A - 2, B - 4, C - 3, D - 1

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