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Problems at Work. Co vás může potkat a jak tomu čelit

Server Lidovky.cz vám ve spolupráci s jazykovou agenturou Skřivánek přináší další pravidelnou lekci kurzu byznys angličtiny. Dnes se zaměříme na problémy, které vás mohou potkat v práci. Správné odpovědi k jednotlivým cvičením a test naleznete opět na konci lekce.

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As you read through the whole article, write antonyms/opposites to the words in bold:

True = 1. ________

Willing = 2. ________

Sensitive = 3. ________

Frequent = 4. ________

Intentional = 5. ________

Aggressive = 6. ________

Different = 7. ________

Responsible = 8. ________

Possible = 9. ________

Necessary = 10. ________

Rarely = 11. ________ 

Sooner = 12. ________

Who has never had problems at work, has never worked. Everybody faces various troubles at work and what is generally true is that the majority of problems have either been caused or have not been solved because of inadequate communication at workplace. Sometimes employees are afraid to talk to their bosses, sometimes bosses are not willing to listen to their employees.

Read through the paragraphs and fill in missing letters:

These workplace issues vary from 1. g_ ss_ _ _ _ _ , inadequate 2. w_ _ki_ _     c_ _di_ _ _ _ _ , 3. d_ _ _r_ _ _ n _ _ _on  to dealing with 4. d_ ff _ _ _ _ _     p_ _ _le.

Gossiping can make the work environment really difficult mainly if people are gossiping about sensitive issues such as 5. d_ _ _rc_, 6. i_ _n_ _s   or each others´ 7. r _ l_ _ _ o _ _ _ _ _s. It is up to the employees to say that it has been enough and that this behaviour is both unprofessional and 8. ann_ _ _ _ _.

The first discussion should be led between the two parties 9. i_ _ _r _ _ _ed – the gossip and the person 10. a_ _ _ c_ _ d. If the person who keeps gossiping about you does not stop doing that even after this 11. d_ _ c_ _ _ _ _n, it should be the boss to take 12. c_ _ e   of that and 13. dr_ _   consequences.

Read through the sentences and fill in the words from the box:

other        evident        suffer        put        belief

       orientation        origin        face

Employees can 1. ________ discrimination because of their gender, race, disability, colour, nationality, ethnic or national 2. ________, religion or 3. ________, sexual 4. ________ or age. As it is clearly 5. ________, anyone can 6. ________ from discrimination because you can always be 7. ________ into one or the 8. _________ group.

Another problem you can suffer from at work is bullying. Bullying is not only a frequent issue at elementary and secondary schools but also at work even though it can be hardly believable for some people. Bullying can be defined as intentional aggressive behaviour or intimidation as opposed to discrimination which is based on different treatment of diverse people who differ somehow.

The next problem you might face at work is covering for somebody or not telling what is happening in the company as you might be intimidated by threats from colleagues or bosses. Exposing the illegal or inappropriate procedures and processes in the company to the public is called whistle blowing. Whistleblowers often have to be protected either by the police or trade unions as they reveal something the company wants to hide from the public.

If communication at workplace does not function as it should, the affected employee can always contact the employment tribunal if they work in England, Wales and Scotland or the Trade Unions if they work in other countries which should deal with their complaints and draw particular conclusions.

Never keep the problems to yourself, it is important to talk to your boss or the person responsible as soon as possible, delaying the necessary communication and worrying about the problem on your own will not help to solve the problem. Never wait for anybody to notice the problem as it happens rarely. The sooner the problem is dealt with or even solved, the fewer complications it may cause.

Now go through the whole article again and fill in the defined words:

1. ________ = a court that rules on disputes between employers and employees regarding unfair dismissal, redundancy

2. ________ = an association of employees formed to improve their incomes and working conditions by collective bargaining with the employer or employer organizations

3. ________ = treatment in an overbearing or intimidating manner

4. ________ = spreading rumours or talks of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature

5. ________ = sexual identity, especially in relation to society or culture

6. ________ = treatment or consideration based on class or category rather than individual merit

7. ________ = informing about and exposing wrongdoing within an organization in the hope of stopping it

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Write antonyms/opposites:
1. false; 2. unwilling; reluctant; 3. insensitive; 4. infrequent; rare; 5. unintentional; involuntary; 6. unaggressive; 7. same; 8. irresponsible; reckless; 9. impossible; 10. unnecessary; needless; 11. frequently; often; 12. later

Fill in missing letters:
1. gossiping; 2. working conditions; 3. discrimination; 4. difficult people; 5. divorce; 6. illness; 7. relationships; 8. annoying; 9. interested; 10. affected; 11. discussion; 12. care; 13. draw

Fill in the words from the box:
1. face; 2. origin; 3. belief; 4. orientation; 5. evident; 6. suffer; 7. put; 8. other

Fill in the defined words:
1. Employment tribunal; 2. Trade Unions; 3. Bullying; 4. Gossiping; 5. Gender; 6. Discrimination; 7. Whistle blowing     

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