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Průvodce verbální a neverbální komunikací v byznys angličtině

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Server Lidovky.cz vám ve spolupráci s jazykovou agenturou Skřivánek přináší pravidelnou pondělní lekci kurzu byznys angličtiny. Tento týden se naučíte, že verbální i neverbální komunikace jsou stejně důležité, a to nejen ve vašem soukromém, ale i v profesním životě. Lekce Vás provede mnoha tipy pro efektivní komunikaci a naučí vás, jak se stát jistými v neverbální komunikaci.

Both verbal and nonverbal communication influence not only your personal but also your professional life. This article will provide you with several tips on effective verbal communication and also on how to become aware of your body language.

Minulé lekce

Nonverbal signals are a part of everyday life so next time you see your friend, your colleague or your family, try to notice their signals such as:

Try to list what these signals can be:


They might be showing you something they cannot or do not want to say.

Eye contact signals interest and gives you credibility. If somebody does not want to look into your eyes, they are probably hiding something. On the other hand be careful about staring at somebody.

Try to put these words into appropriate gaps.

words: worthless, money, OK, zero, obscene

text: Gestures facilitate learning and understanding and enable a little bit of amusement as well. But remember that there can be different gestures in every culture and some gestures can mean a different thing in a different culture. For example when you form a circle with fingers to indicate that everything is 1)____, in Brazil and Germany this gesture is 2)____, in Japan it means "3)____” and in France it has an additional meaning which is "4)____” or     " 5)____”.

Similarly, there has been a harsh discussion on the meanings of several body postures such as crossed arms or legs which were considered defensive gestures in the past but at present psychologists share a more open and liberal view.

Another kind of nonverbal communication which can tell a lot about us is our appearance. So called "colour psychology” has shown that different colours can provoke different moods, reactions or interpretations.

Watching somebody´s body language can help you for example when you are choosing the best candidate for a job or when you are giving a speech in front of several people. Then you can notice whether your speech is interesting or boring, whether your audience is tired already or they would like to hear more or for example when somebody else wants to say something. Consequently, observation of these small details in one´s face or body can help you to communicate in a better way and understand even the words people do not say.


Read the paragraph and choose one possibility:

Effective communication is composed of both verbal and non-verbal components. The appropriate combination enables us to convey the message in the best way. The effectiveness of words is only 1)_____ percent; Greater importance is of non-verbal communication and it forms  2)_____ percent and of the tone of your voice which is 3)_____ percent.

1:       a) 5     b) 7     c) 9
2:      a) 55    b) 65   c) 75
3:      a) 22    b) 47   c) 38

These numbers have been described by Albert Mehabrian, an American professor of Psychology who is known for his publications on the importance of verbal and nonverbal messages. Professor Mehabrian also talks for example about so called tactful strategies:

Try to fill in what the first letters stand for:

T = ____ before you speak
A = ____ quickly when you blunder
C = ____, don't compete
T = ____ your comments
F = ____ on behaviour - not on personality
U = ____ hidden feelings
L = ____ for feedback

The last tips which can help you with your effective verbal communication are for example, using positive words because they can express the message and your approach in a clear and direct way. Also, you can try to tell or narrate a story that can attract the attention of your listeners or affect their emotions. Similarly, remember that if you ask the right questions you can also get the right answers and support the effectiveness of the conversation. Simultaneously, think and prepare before you speak and reduce the usage of verbal pauses. Last but not least, avoid careless language which means that you should try to avoid words like always, never, every, or all and try to be as much specific and accurate as possible.

Finally, as you could have read, communication does not mean only speaking but what is more important for effectiveness is HOW you speak and WHAT your body does when speaking. Realizing these aspects of speaking will help you to communicate effectively and convey the message you desire to be delivered.

Test your knowledge HERE

Correct answers

Try to list...1) eye contact, 2) gestures, 3) body posture, 4) movements, 5) tone of the voice and so on
Try to put... 1) OK, 2) obscene, 3) money, 4) zero, 5) worthless
Read the paragraph... 1-b, 2-a, 3-c
Try to fill... T = Think, A = Apologize, C = Converse, T = Time, F = Focus, U = Uncover, L = Listen

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