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Trápí vás v práci stres? Již nemusí, díky další lekci angličtiny ho hravě zvládnete

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I toto pondělí vám Lidovky.cz ve spolupráci s jazykovou agenturou Skřivánek přináší pravidelnou lekci kurzu byznys angličtiny. Tentokrát se dozvíte, jaké jsou příčiny pracovního stresu, jak jej celkově odbourat a jak se jednoduše vypořádat se stresovými situacemi. Odpovědi naleznete opět na konci lekce.

Stress and its level can be measured as any other chemicals in the human body. There exists the Holmes and Rahe Scale which can rate stressful life events. Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe examined a certain amount of people to find out whether stressful events can cause illness and they discovered a connection between the amount of stressful events in one´s life and illness.

Stress can be also measured by changes in blood pressure or as a galvanic skin response measurable by a digital thermometer.

Before you continue reading, try to define what stress management can be:

Stress management___________________________


There are two types of stress: emotional stress and physical stress. Emotional stress occurs in situations which are difficult or demanding and physical stress is usually caused by pain. Physical stress can often lead to emotional stress, and emotional stress frequently occurs as physical stress.

Good stress management improves and reduces the tension that appears in stressful situation.

Read the following parts and fill in one word only into each section:

a) Positive 1)____ can influence the stressfulness of the situation as people with a negative 2)____ report more stress than those with a positive 3)____.

b) Another factor is a 4)____. A poor 5)____ puts the body in a state of physical stress plus it can also weaken the immune system. A poor 6)____ does not mean only eating unhealthy food but also not eating regularly, not eating enough or eating too much.

c) The third factor is 7)____ because the lack of 8)____ can also stress the organism out.

When somebody gets into a stressful situation, they can deal with it much better if they have some support system in their life, such as family, friends, partners... Additionally, hobbies and interests will make it easier for the people to deal with stressful situations as they will be able to relax.

Match these words from the following two paragraphs with their meaning:

Mood              Under mental or emotional strain.

Invaluable      To grow worse; degenerate.

Deteriorate     A state of mind or emotion.

Tense            The capacity of an organism to defend itself against a disease.

Resistance     Priceless.

Going deeper under the surface of the individual components of stress management, it is important to realize that finding the positive in each situation will strengthen one´s personality and stress resistance. Physical activity does not have to be about spending hours in a gym but it can be just a twenty minute aerobic exercise three times a day or a twenty minute walk outdoors but these activities should become part of everyday routine. While choosing the best diet, following the food guide pyramid can be a good start because it will show you what amount of what product is the best combination. Socializing can significantly improve your mood even if you are depressed and do not want to see anybody. Relaxation and good sleep are also invaluable factors as they strengthen immunity.

Too frequent stressful situations can lead into bad health effects such as headaches, an upset stomach, back pain or trouble sleeping. Stress can deteriorate your health state and make you moody, tense, or depressed which can affect your relationships both at work and at home.

Read the following paragraph and fill in missing prepositions:

1)____ work it is advisable to keep a small pocket book 2)____ which you can record important things to be done and appointments to be made. This will help you become much more organised and will help you deal 3)____ multiple tasks you get. Avoid being 4)____ a rush by going 5)____ appointments fifteen minutes earlier, you can always get stuck 6)____ a traffic jam or stand 7)____ a queue for a train ticket but 8)____ enough time ahead you will not get stressed that easily. Think 9)____ the time management carefully, whatever you want to do today, try to do it immediately and whatever you want to do tomorrow, it is best to be done today. If there is something broken 10)____ your surroundings, such as a computer, a copy machine, a table, make it fixed. Some people simply get stressed when there is not everything working 11)____. Reduce drinking coffee, 12)____ least 13)____ the morning, green tea, juice or milk is a much better choice. If you cannot do without your morning cup 14)____ coffee, switch 15)____ decaf. Beyond that, stretching your body and breathing deeply and slowly will help your body relax as well.

Test your knowledge HERE

Correct answers

Before you continue reading... Stress management is consequently the effort to ameliorate stress, mainly chronic stress so that the organism functions much better on an everyday basis.

Read the following parts.... 1) attitude, 2) attitude, 3) attitude, 4) diet, 5) diet, 6) diet, 7) physical activity, 8) physical activity

Match these words...
Mood               A state of mind or emotion.
Deteriorate      To grow worse; degenerate.
Resistance     The capacity of an organism to defend itself against a disease.
Tense              Under mental or emotional strain.
Invaluable        priceless

Read the following paragraph.... 1) At, 2) into, 3) with, 4) in, 5) to, 6) in, 7) in, 8) with, 9) about, 10) in, 11) around, 12) at, 13)in, 14) of, 15) to

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