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Vystupujte sebevědomě na mezinárodní konferenci.

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Server Lidovky.cz vám ve spolupráci s jazykovou agenturou Skřivánek přináší další pravidelnou pondělní lekci kurzu byznys angličtiny. Tentokrát Vám poradíme, jak zapůsobit na mezinárodní konferenci tak, aby Vaše přítomnost na konferenci byla přínosná pro Vás i Vaše okolí. Správné odpovědi naleznete na konci lekce.

Attending a professional conference is a great opportunity to get to know important people and to learn about new projects, facts and innovations.

There are 5 misspelled words in the following paragraph. Find them and correct them:

Remember that a good preparation can be very affective because if you book the accommodation in advance, have enough time to read the agenda and choose the most useful seminars and discussions than you will enjoy and benefit from the conference much more. Book a room even if the conference takes place near or in your home town. If you go streight home from the conference, you will soon forget what you have learnt but if you stay in a hotel room troughout the whole two or three day conference, then you will have much more time to thing about the new information and you will absorb more thoughts.

Fill in the below given linking words and conjunctions into appropriate gaps in the following paragraph:

words: than, In addition, or, On the other hand, that, and, but, since

paragraph: 1)____, hallway conversations can be much more fruitful 2) ____ listening to the presentations only. Prepare for these hallway conversations as well. Think about how you can present your work, research 3)____ ideas in the most interesting 4)____ natural way. Talk about the goals of your research 5)____ about the techniques you use. Speaking about the goal of your work is essential 6)____ first you have to convince your listeners 7)____ they really want to learn more about what you are working on. This way you can hear the ideas, suggestions and opinions of other people on your research and they can provide you with significant remarks. 8)____, listening to other participants´ works can be as fruitful as discussing your own work.

Try to predict whether the statements below are true or false. Then continue reading and check your answers:

1) TRUE/ FALSE It is more helpful to attend the seminars on familiar topics than on unknown ones.

2) TRUE/ FALSE Booking the recommended accommodation can be very profitable.

3) TRUE/ FALSE Lunches and dinners are very relaxing at a conference; you can eat and drink well and you do not have to control your behaviour because nobody cares.

4) TRUE/ FALSE Hallway conversations can inspire you and provide you with new views and opinions in an informal way.

5) TRUE/ FALSE Conferences can be very beneficial since you can meet many important and famous people.

When you are choosing a seminar, the less you know about the topic, the more helpful it can be because there is little sense in attending the seminars you could teach by yourself so try to experiment and learn about new improvements, strategies and novelties.

Fill in the correct tense of the verb in brackets in the first conditional clause then continue reading and check your answers in the article:

It 1)____ (be) much more enjoyable if you 2) ____ (go) to the conference with your conference "buddy”.

If you 3)______ (introduce) the person who is working on the same topic or who 4)____ (be) an expert in that field, people 5)______ (remember) that and they 6)____ (do) the same for you.

Moreover, it will be much more enjoyable if you go to the conference with your conference "buddy” as you can discuss, negotiate and develop the ideas you have heard about. Going to a conference with your friend can also motivate you to stay for the entire conference and you will benefit from it much more than if you left after one or two seminars. Use the opportunity to stay in the hotel with the other guests and participants since you can enlarge your network of influential acquaintances. Be careful about your behaviour as even if you are attending just a conference party or dinner, you can meet your potential future employers, clients or business partners. Thus it is very advisable to collect as many business cards as you can and get in touch with quite a large amount of personalities.

During the seminars and discussions, try to be an active participant, ask questions and make comments. Go and meet the members of the conference planning committee as they definitely deserve compliments and you will be remembered by them.

One last important tip can be telling the participants about other participants who are researching the same or similar issue or are interested in the same topic. If you introduce the person who is working on the same topic or who is an expert in that field, people will remember that and they will do the same for you. So you can easily get new and new connections.

The dress code is usually quite formal which means that men should wear suit which is of black, navy or gray colours and women should wear a pant suit or a matching skirt and a jacket. The jewellery should be reduced to minimum, the colours should not be bright or gaudy and women should wear high heels.

These are the main tips that can make your attendance at a conference much more effective and should make you benefit from the conference a lot.

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Correct answers

There are 5 misspelled words ...: throughout, effective, then, straight, think

Fill in the below given linking words...: 1) In addition, 2) than, 3) or, 4) but, 5) and, 6) since, 7) that, 8) On the other hand

Try to predict...: 1) F, 2) T, 3)F, 4)T, 5)T

Fill in the correct tense...: 1) will be, 2) go, 3) introduce, 4) is, 5) will remember, 6) wiil do

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