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Work benefits. Co vám nabídne zaměstnavatel navíc?

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Toto pondělí vám server ve spolupráci s jazykovou agenturou Skřivánek přináší již šestnáctou lekci byznys angličtiny. Dnes se podíváme na motivaci pomocí benefitů, které firmy svým zaměstnancům nabízejí.
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Šťastní pracující - ilustrační foto. foto: Shutterstock

Salary is the basic means of employees´ evaluation, motivation and encouragement but if the company wants to show either all the employees or the best employees that it really values them, it can additionally use a system of perks and benefits.

Perquisites, perks or fringe benefits are some of the most widely used terms to describe a motivational system at work. These benefits can be linked to particular results and achievements or they can be offered to all employees.

These benefits are usually divided into several categories. They can be sport benefits such as free tickets to a gym, the opportunity to join a company volleyball team or discounts on certain types of sports. The company might also organise tournaments and matches as a part of a team-building strategy. Besides, sports can help employees reduce stress from work, group games can unify the team members and they can facilitate the integration of new employees.

Educational benefits

Educational benefits are becoming very popular as well, mainly if the company employs young people who want to continue their education as these employees desire for constant development and improvement of their skills. Consequently, soft skills trainings, products trainings, possibility to go to conferences and seminars on the work related issues can have a very positive effect on employees and their attitude towards their daily work.

Additionally, discounts on language courses or the chance to go to language courses free of charge can be very stimulating and rewarding when the employees have to use foreign languages at work or if their employer wants to reward their employees. It is very often advisable for these benefits to have something like “if” incorporated. If you get at least 80% from your final exam, you will be allowed to continue the course next semester. Unless you have the classes in your working hours, the company will pay for them. Or if you pass an internationally recognised exam at the end of your course, the company will cover your expenses.

Common versus Uncommon benefits

A mobile phone, car, notebook or stationary belong to the very common benefits. Frequently, companies also offer one extra week of paid holiday or share on the company profits. From time to time, you can expect paid overtime work or thirteenth salary at the end of the year. Some companies even offer flight tickets, hotel vouchers, or bonuses when an employee celebrates significant birthday or work anniversary or even they offer a compensation for the first three days of illness.

The best workers can also be given the opportunity to choose their holiday or work among the first. Also if a new vacancy appears, they will be given the priority to apply for the position.

Some companies provide their employees with meal vouchers, refreshments at workplace or for example a once a month company breakfast or lunch during which all the employees can get together and informally share their ideas on current topics or everyday things. Also, as a part of their lunch, somebody might prepare a short ten minute long program to amuse their colleagues and to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Moreover, companies might provide their employees with an employer-provided or employer-paid housing, health or life insurance, retirement benefits, sick leave, social security or some other specialized benefits. Among the benefits employees value more and more are flexible working hours which enable them to combine their working life with free time, company kindergartens which enable parents to get back to work and still be able to check on their children and part-time work which can help mainly women to keep their household going but still be able to go to work.

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