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Master Troublemaker


Ringing of the alarm clock sharply pierced through the silence which was lying in the room like a heavy cover. A hand bounced from behind the duvet. It was a precisely learnt move, polished with many years of everyday experience. The hand choked up the sound which almost all students hate so much.

Despite many years of experience I haven’t got rid of my bad habit which has been annoying me for such a long time. Well, in fact it hasn’t been annoying me. It is all the same to me, to tell the truth, but it isn’t such fun as when I did it before. In spite of that I have still been beguiled by shows of hysterical teachers who haven’t blindly realized how ridiculous they are when they want to look chilling. The menaces of school punishments which daily shower me, have delayed to be menaces like a repeated joke fails to be a joke any more. As well my bad habit has been developing for many years which have passed among the desks in classes.

I could stop this but it was lack of will and popularity which was deeply linked with my bad behaviour that caused that I have never tried it. In addition, it is very comfortable to sleep half an hour more before grabbing my bag and taking my boring road to school.
 My school-mates could appreciate my regular five-minute delay and the style of my arrival to the class. No matter what had happened, I took various ways to school but I always came there five minutes later than I should have. And with this lasting work I had already brought my teachers up to my form. My bad habit excelled – I was heroic and intangible because of my casual elegance. School punishments were nothing for me. The regularity and seeming indifference provoked and irritated furious pedagogues more and more. I had never been late more than my five minutes though.
 I had my daily routine precisely shaped to keep the tradition which held me in the spotlight in front of my grey school-mates. Nobody could do this, only me. Some teachers even started to ignore me! They didn’t know that it was the most effective way. Every time I really enjoyed moments when teachers were shouting at me and trying to compel me to fear, sorrow and submission. But when one ignored me, it wasn’t funny.

Everything is precisely lined. I am planning to keep my word. I promised to me that I will never change anything concerning my bad habit. No change. Never.

I get up, change my clothes, grab the bag and go out of my room. I don’t bother about making the bed or similar hold-over from past. I take some biscuit in the kitchen and dash out of the house.

Streets flash around me and my feet are pounding at ground.  I run and skip some little fences and similar absurd obstacles. The square appears and my feelings of euphory, unavailability of my steps, sureness of my opinions and glory of my state rise like a mercury in a thermometer. My fame starts here. Complaints and horrified looks which have always got stuck on me and fed all of the false sensations in my mind are there again.

I cross over the street and start to jump over the boxes with flowers which were decorating this cobbly jewel of our city with a little church in the middle. First, second, third... Blooming flowers flash below me and I hear shocked voices which complain about my misbehaviour. It sounds like music of paradise for me! Like my forgotten past which has seemed to be very important to me now. I almost come back to the past.

I run over the square and speed up because I hear the church-clock chiming. But I’m too matchless to be caught up with this sound and I escape from this danger all the time only with pleasure of my run.
 I arrive to school just in time to change my shoes and get relaxed. When I am nonchalantly coming to the classroom I push the handle and it makes characteristic sound for me. My bag overhand and phlegmatic moves. Again. Accurately five past eight. I hide my satisfied face under a mask of indifference.

Everyone has known me as a rough and I have supposed that I can surely find some fans who want to imitate me. Wrong! It has only been me who has managed to manipulate all the educators how I wanted. They haven’t known that but thanks to them I’ve achieved my glory and recognition. I should tell them “Thank you!”. Without them I could never master what I have and in what I could be so-called master. It isn’t any sport or a branch, you don’t need any talent or education to do it but in spite of that, it was very hard to achieve a mastership. I don’t pretend false modesty, I have achieved it. I have become what I was supposed to become – Master Troublemaker.

I smile and glance over the class. Everybody is looking at me and I am the real king now. They look quite shamefaced because they’ve never seen me. I am new here but I believe that I will line up. Despite being a bit afraid, I feel today it will be a real masterpiece. It is my premiere... I should say something, I realize. I take my breath for words which I have hated for so long time.

“Good morning, boys and girls. Sit down, please.”