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Woodstock Founder Plans Sequel


Michael Lang, the co-founder of the legendary 1969 Woodstock festival, is reportedly seeking sponsors for a 40th anniversary reprise in New York City. “The chances that something will happen are probable,” he told the Times. “But I don‘t really have the answer yet as to what that will be.” Central Park has been suggested as a possible location for the event. The Who were among the acts who played at the original concert, which took place in Bethel, New York State. A 30th anniversary concert held in 1999 at a former air force base outside New York ended in looting and violence.

Mr Lang hopes the concert would be “a free event” leaving “as small a carbon imprint as we can.” To this end, he is seeking raise $10m in sponsorship money. Mr Lang is hoping the bill will feature such “legacy bands” as Santana, Joe Cocker and Crosby, Stills & Nash. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are also being considered, having headlined the ill-fated event a decade ago. Trouble began at the end of their set when what began as several small bonfires escalated into a number of major infernos. Mr Lang admitted the 1999 concert had “ramifications” but said it had not done “any real damage” to the Woodstock name.


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