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Will Czechs elect a worthy president, or a führer?

Direct elections are democratic and risky. In 2013, Czechs will set the standard for those that follow; the rest is in realm of the unknown


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the risks of direct democracy are lower than those of corruption
Voters might get tired ? come on! If there is a good campaign and it is for an important position, people will vote. People don''t vote because nothing is at stake or they know it is all about dirty backroom deals (you get this if I give you this job at CEZ/deal/...  where the needs of the people are the last thing on the list). The only way to get rid of the incredible level of corruption with Czech officials is to expose it, send the people who collect it packing in shame, or out of office or in jail. Direct elections can take care of this to a certain extend by sending the obvious crooks packing and at least forcing those in place to be a bit smarter about what they do.  More information in the hand of the people is the way to keep check on the people representing them. Take a look at the nordic countries for inspiration/exemple.  I''ll go vote every time I can make my vote count!
14.2.2012 16:14