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Where Hollywood Cameras Roll


The cliff in California was called Planet of the Apes Wall

At Malibu Creek State Park, about 2,000 visitors each year climb up to the mountains made famous by Hollywood films. Craggy and steep, with a rushing stream and swooping views, the Santa Monica Mountains above Malibu offer an unexpected wilderness just a couple of miles from the ocean. The TV show “M*A*S*H' was filmed in a valley upstream from the park’s entrance. The show’s opening scenes, where a helicopter tracks past dry hills, were shot near Planet of the Apes Wall, which borrows its name from the 1968 movie. “Charlton Heston was once here,' said Reed Goodwyn, a climber from Reseda, Calif.

Tarzan escapes In an area known for its ocean breaks and opulent homes, rock climbing has a surprising presence in the mountains over Malibu. “For L. A. climbers, the Santa Monicas are the premier local destination,' said Louie Anderson, a pioneer of more than 200 rockclimbing routes in the Los Angeles area and author of “Sport Climbing in the Santa Monicas," a 2003 guidebook that details climbing destinations in the vicinity.

Reached from Malibu Creek State Park as well as other nearby parks and trails, rock-climbing routes in the region number in the hundreds. Some climbs are short boulder routes that require crash pads but no ropes. The tallest climbs can stretch 350 feet up a vertical face with ocean views.

For film fans, there’s also endless trivia associated with the area. Parts of Malibu Creek State Park were formerly owned by 20th Century Fox, and hundreds of bygone productions Tarzan Escapes' in the 1930s to “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" in the 60s - were filmed there. Ronald Reagan even had a ranch near the crest of the range. In the 2008 movie “Iron Man," the mansion of the billionaire weapons maker Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., was digitally superimposed on the climbing cliff at Point Dume State Beach. The New York Times

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