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Antonín Hudec - The Golden Brick


Přečtěte si vítěznou povídku v kategorii do 12 let s názvem The Golden Brick mladého autora Antonína Hudce. S textem uspěl v soutěži National Literary Award for Young Writers, kterou podporují Lidové noviny.

"You have one month to pay the tax.” said a man in a black suit.

"But Bill, I don’t have any money and you know I am very poor…”

"Don’t call me Bill!” shouted the man in a black suit on the poor looking man. "I don’t care John, that we’re brothers. In one month the money will be here!”

"But I can’t I don’t have any money!”

"That is your problem!”

"But I almost don’t have money for food! For my family! Help me, Bill!”

"Well I will take your diamond if you have no money!”

"You can’t do that, Bill!”

"Yes I can.”

John Smyth was a poor man. He had a wife and four children. His most expensive property was a diamond that belonged to his grandfather. It was more expensive then the house. He had a brother called Bill Smith and he was very rich, but miserly.

"Our master wants his gold bricks in a week.” whispered a man to another man

"That is just what I thought.” replied the second man and they both jumped on two horses.

Then they disappeared in the darkness.

"I want the diamond from John right now, but what should I do? Maybe… No… Or yes? Yes! I have an idea! I can buy a map and draw a red cross with sign: The treasure He will go there and when he will be not at home, I will take his diamond!” laughed Bill Smith. As he said he did. He bought a map and drew a red cross in the Rock Mountains. Then he hid the map next to John’s house so John could find the map. And two days later, John found the map and went on his way to Rock Mountains.

"I think, we will not be in time there...”

"Yeah, our master will be angry”

"I have an idea! We can take a short cut threw Rock Mountains!”

"Good idea! Let’s go!”

This was a conversation that two man riding horses had.

When John reached the very high top of the Rock Mountains, he was very tired. He slept the next day and night. He woke up on the second day and he started to work. He was looking for some hints, which could help him finding the treasure. He couldn’t find anything. So he started to dig on some places, but without success. But it was almost dark, when he found a tunnel hidden by a green bush. He went through the tunnel, but he tripped and fell into some rocks. It was black coal. But John didn’t care and he went on. The tunnel started to go up and up and John was getting tired. John just wanted to rest, but he noticed, that he had seen a little light on the end of the tunnel. What was on the second end? John was so curious, that he carried on going up the tunnel. And he was on the end of the tunnel, but the hole was too small to go through. John had a shovel so he used it. Then he stuck out his head from the hole.

"We will be, there in two days.”

"Yeah and our master will give us money!”

"I am looking forward…”

"What is this?”

Two men sitting by fire were talking, when a head coming from ground disturbed them.

It was John. His head was dirty from the coal.

"It’s the devil!”

"He came for us!”

"Let’s run!”

They put their bags on their back and jumped on their horses. They were gone immediately.

John climbed up, but he noticed, that a golden brick was shining on the road. He picked it up. He didn’t saw the men on horses, because of the coal in his face. He was disappointed, because he thought that there would be more than just a one gold brick. But it was enough to pay the tax so he got ready on the way home.

"I am looking for you my diamond” laughed Bill as he was walking to his brother’s house. "What is this? John is home already? Oh! Never mind, I will get it in about three weeks!” It was true what Bill said. John was home.

In about three weeks, Bill came with five policemen to John’s house. He knocked. John opened the door "Pay the tax!” laughed Bill, but John replied: "Sure, here you are.” and he gave the golden brick to his brother. "But this is the brick I had stolen and my servants should bring it to me!” stuttered Bill

"Stolen?” said one policeman in surprise

Then the policemen jumped on Bill and tied his legs and arms together.

After that day, Bill was in the jail. He was crying there. He was every day crying that he cried to death. Nobody could find his will so all money and properties were given to John and his family. John and his family lived happily, but now they are dead.