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Velikonoce – EASTER IS HERE

V pondělí před Velikonocemi vám přinášíme další, tentokrát tematicky a svátečně naladěnou lekci angličtiny, kterou pro vás připravujeme ve spolupráci s jazykovou agenturou Skřivánek. Tentokrát se dozvíme, jaké tradice a zvyky se dodržují nejenom v anglosasky hovořícím světe. Happy Easter!

Velikonoce na Vísecké rychtě v Kravařích u České Lípy

Before you read the article try to match these words with the definitions and then check in the article:

1. To spank          a. sprouting

2. A whip              b. a characteristic manner or style of preparing food

3. A willow            c. the pendulous catkins of the hazel tree

4. Germinant        d. to slap on the buttocks

5. Lamb´s tails     e. a thin straight piece or bar of material

6. Cuisine             f. to wet thoroughly; drench

7. Rod                  g. any of numerous deciduous trees and shrubs of the genus Salix

8. To douse        h. an instrument with a handle and a flexible lash that is used for "beating” women at Easter

Easter traditions vary all round the world. The strangest ones are definitely in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary but there are interesting traditions in every country in the world.

In the Czech Republic people celebrate Easter by decorating their houses with symbols of Easter which are mainly baby animals such as chicks, lambs or rabbits. Also, they decorate their houses with lamb´s tails, germinant grain and decorated eggs.

Read the following two paragraphs and fill in the missing words (some letters are given as a clue):

The eggs are usually hard-boiled and dyed using various techniques. Sometimes people also use chocolate eggs and animal figures as a decoration. The egg is one of the main symbols of Easter in general as it represents 1) f_ _ _ _ _ _ _y, 2)l_ _e and 3) r _ s_ _ _ _ _ _ _n.

Also, what is really famous about the Czech Republic is its cuisine and all the cakes that are baked during Easter. People bake a special cake in a shape of 4) l _ _ b, then they bake 5) c_ _ _s 6) b_ _ s, Easter 7) c_ _ e and not to bake only sweet things, in some families a special 8)s_ _ _ _ _ _g from rolls, eggs, smoked meat and green herbs such as nettle is baked and eaten as a normal salty cake.

Read the following paragraph and fill in appropriate prepositions:

The most famous tradition 1)____ Easter is whipping girls 2)____ Easter Monday. Boys have to make a special whip 3)____ eight, twelve or twenty-four willow rods and they decorate them 4)____ colourful ribbons. The tradition says that a girl spanked 5)____ a willow whip will be healthy and lively 6)____ the whole year. After the whipping, a girl should tie a ribbon 7)____ the boy´s whip and give him a decorated egg. Another popular tradition 8)____ both the Czech and Slovak Republic is dousing.

Have a look at the following traditional Easter dishes and try to match them with the countries they come from:

1. Frittata                a. The Czech Republic

2. Mazanec             b. Finland

3. Hot cross buns   c. Spain

4. Paskha               d. Italy

5. Torrijas               e. Russia

6. Mämmi               f. England

Read through the following short paragraphs on Easter traditions in the world and fill in these countries:

countries: English-speaking countries, Italy, Germany, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Spain

Throughout the 1)____, many Easter traditions are similar. On Sunday morning children spend time searching for eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny but they usually look for chocolate eggs.

In 2)____, not only children roll decorated eggs down steep hills.

In 3)____, for example, on Maundy Thursday people dressed up in costumes perform a traditional "death dance”. The procession ends with frightening skeletons. It starts at midnight and finishes in the early morning.

In 4)____, Christmas trees are being burnt to create an Easter fire which is perceived as a victory for spring over winter.

In 5)____, additionally to traditional skiing in mountains and dying eggs, people engage in solving murders. On TV, crime and detective stories are being broadcast and people can solve murders published in newspapers as quizzes.

In 6)____, people bake traditional frittata which is similar to omelette and they eat it with traditional Easter bread.

In 7)____ sending teaser letters is very popular. Several weeks before Easter, frequently on Valentine´s Day people send a secret poem accompanied by a snow-drop to somebody and instead of signature they write only a particular number of dots. If the recipient guesses or finds out who sent the letter then he or she gets a reward at Easter in a form of an egg.

Test your knowledge HERE

Correct answers

Before you read the article...1d, 2h, 3g, 4a, 5c, 6b, 7e, 8f

Read the following two paragraphs... 1) fertility, 2) life, 3) resurrection, 4) lamb, 5) cross, 6) buns, 7) cake, 8) stuffing

Read the following paragraph... 1) at, 2) on, 3) from, 4) by, 5) for, 6) to, 7) in

Have a look at the following... 1d, 2a, 3f, 4e, 5c, 6b

Read through the following short... 1) English-speaking countries, 2) Scotland, 3) Spain, 4) Germany, 5) Norway, 6) Italy, 7) Denmark

Jazyková agentura Skřivánek

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