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‘Klaus is a homosexual’: Czech gay mag editor


Václav Klaus doth protest too much? LUI magazine editor Jakub Starý says ‘gaydar’ tells him the Czech president is hiding in the closet

foto: ©isifaČeská pozice

The editor in chief of the Czech gay magazine LUI has said he is strongly convinced that President Václav Klaus — who made international headlines in recent days for backing his deputy chancellor’s use of the phrase “march of deviants” to describe the ongoing Prague Pride 2011 gay and lesbian festival — is himself a closeted homosexual.

Petr Hájek of the Presidential Office last week said of the gay pride event — the Czech capital’s first — that it was a political demonstration of a world “where sexual or any other type of deviance is raised into a virtue, abnormality as the norm and the destruction of society as sacred progress.”

Klaus said Hájek’s use of the word “deviants” to describe homosexuals was “value-neutral,” adding he also took “no pride” in the event. “It is one thing to tolerate something, but it is quite another to give it public support in the name of an important institution. … ‘Prague Pride’ is not a demonstration of homosexuality but of homosexualism, about which I am very concerned, as I am about many other fashionable –isms,” the Czech president said.

© Instinkt magazine

LUI editor in chief Jakub Starý told Instinkt magazine in an interview that he was “deeply offended” by the remarks by Hájek, whom he called a “fascist and a hypocrite,” and that the Czech gay community is convinced Klaus is gay.

“Mr Hájek and Klaus regard homosexuality as a characteristic with which one is born, but which should not be talked about … I believe a ‘homosexualist’ is someone who is not ashamed of himself and considers homosexuality and heterosexuality to be on the same level. … I dare say that Mr Klaus is [a closeted] gay and I am a homosexualist,” Starý said. ‘I have no proof, but we have our ‘gaydar’... And the entire gay community thinks that Václav Klaus is gay. He’s just trying to hide it and mask it.’

“I have no proof, but we have our ‘gaydar’ — a word derived from the word ‘radar’ which is a certain mix of signals that we can perceive that heterosexuals fail to or not as intensively as we do — and this tells us whether or not someone is gay. … And the entire gay community thinks that Václav Klaus is gay. He’s just trying to hide it and mask it. Do you not see it? The way he carries himself and speaks or his gestures and tone of voice. That’s homosexual behavior.”

Starý is not alone in his suspicions. The “Václav Klaus je gay” Facebook page, which describes itself as “the group for everybody who knows the Czech president is gay,” currently has 342 members. “We support him! He is a hero!” it says.

Several years ago, the popular Czech actress Eva Holubová said in an interview with the television station Z1 that Klaus is known by the nickname “Kikina” in the gay community and that while the “whole of Prague” thinks he is a closeted homosexual the subject is “taboo” for the media— although the Czech tabloids freely publish all kinds of such unsubstantiated rumors about celebrities.


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