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Dreams that may come true – All I need is sibling
Přemysl Danda

My name is Přemek and this name is originally from Old Czech legends. The first Přemek was ploughman. I don´t understand why my parents gave me a name as for ploughman. I hate work at the garden. My first big dream was have a horse. Primarily I wanted unicorn, but finally I was satisfied with classical horse. I was very happy, my dream came true. But there was one problem, my horse refused grow up. I was very suprised. I found out, it isn´t horse, but pony. And all my friends and neighbours started to make a fun of me that I bath my horse in a hot water. My second big dream is have a brother. I need a football overman. Äll my friends have their brothers and they do a goal-keeper for them. Only I kick the ball into the empty gate. In addition, each regular guy has a brother: Lasse a Bosse, Grims or Čug and Geg. After seeing a film My brother has a classy brother, I knew that I need him. I said to my mum, but she told me: „I don´t want to tempt earth´s attraction again and have my belly till my knees.“ I didn´t understand so I went visit my father into his office. „My litlle boy, everything comes to him who waits.“ I waited till Christmas but under the three was squirrel, half metre high and she says: „Hello, brother!“ „I need somebody for football,“ I said to my parents. „It is very nice squirrel,“palm my hair. I put the squirrell into the football gate, but after first goal stopped talking and started growling. I also got a kit for wizards and I tried to conjure up my new brother. I wasn´t succeed in. Not even conjure up a rabbit, let alone brother. So I tried to visit my neighbours, if they want me give some baby, but they called my mum that I am crazy. „What are you doing?“she cried at me. „Mum, how to make a babies?“ I asked her. She sat down: „ How I say it to you….I will have to be honest…So there are two squirels in the wood and they….“ Ok, I understand. I need a second squirell! I wished second squirrel for my birthday. My parents thought, that I am sad becouse my originally squirrel stopped talking and they bought my the same one. I hoped it is not problem. New squirell tried to talk with the old one, but she didn´t reply and only growl, so it was nothing from it. I went to my father again: „Dad, how to make a babies?“ „Go and ask your mum,“he told me. „But she isn in the kitchin making a marmelade.“ „Ok, don´t go there!“ My mum is traumatized, becouse when she was pregnant she still sang If I was a strawberry nad some guy told her: „It will be a lot of jam…“ I sat near daddy: „So, how it is with the children?“ My father looked öut of the window. „The children are from…..Stork!“ „How stork?“ „He brings the children?“ „How?“ „How? He has got a litlle bag and there is a child,“ he told me. „Really?“ „Really!“ I went for my friend Michael to help me find a stork. He was absolutely enthusiastic. He wanted to ask the stork for taking his younger sister back, becouse she took his favourite lego game and pushed it into her nose. Mr Novak from local pub gave us un advice to go to the pond, that there are a lot of storks. There was the only one in reeds but he didn´t have any babies. „Mr. Stork, Mr. Stork,“we shouted at him, but he didn´t listen us. „Bring me a brother, please!“ „Take back my sister, please!“ We tried to go near him, but forgot, there is a marsh in reeds. I tumpled over and fell into marsh.

The stork flied away and didn´t let any baby for me. I run home, becouse the mud was very stunky. My mum had a visit. My aunt and my 5 years old cousin Mary. She pointed at me and asked: „What Pokemon is it?“ Mum started to shout at me and poped me into the bath. „What did you do?“scream at me. „Today is friday,“ I didn´t know, what to say. „Are you normal?“ „I am sorry, today is Saturday!“ „What crazy idea did you have?“ „The father told me it.“ „What?“ „He told me that….“ „Stay here! I go to slug it out with your father!“ „Be kind at him, please!“ „Did you gave any question?“ „No!“ Mum and Dad went to the kitchen and closed the door. I really need a brother, they should scream at him. I stood outside the door and listen. „I will square accounts with you later. But first, we need to discipline him not to do it again. It was dangerous,“my mum was furious. „Ok, he will wash up after every meal.“ „And go with rubbish regularly,“agreed mum. „And what we will do with his sibling?“my dad kissed mum. I nestled against door to listen well, but I forgot that the door is from glass. „Přemku!“ my father saw me. He went to me: „Did you listen us?“ „No, I go and wash up.“ „Přemku!“my mum gave box on the ear. „I know, I will rather go with rubbish,“ I went away. „Stop! What is a matter with you?“mum asked. „Nothing! I only want a brother. I pleased the stork, but he didn´t listen me,“shruged shoulders. „It´s your fault,“turn mum to dad. „And who told him aboout squirrels?“ They looked at each other. „Ok, you will go visit your grandma,“she said to me. „Ok,“I run away not to wash up. I drove up to my grandma´s house. Grandpa played the cards with his friend Mr Dudák. I wanted to ask about babies, but Mr.Dudek got a bad card.
„Fuck,“he said. After he turn to me: „You did not listen anything, did you?“ He unpocket a 20 crowns and gave it to me. „What are you doing,“shaut grandpa at Mr.Ducek. „I teach him a policy. I shown him how to be elected our president,“said Mr Dudák. I hid money into my pocket and ask grandpa. „How to make a babies?“ He get out his wallet. „Take 10 crowns and go to ask grandma.“ She was in the kitchen and cooked the lunch. „Grandma?“ I wanted to ask her. „I know. And your mum called. She has a suprise for you,“said me grandma. „I don ´t want any squirrel.“ „You will see! It will be good,“palmed me. „So I am curious!“ The next Christmas coming and my parents told me: „You are lucky boy. You will have a sibling!“ I was so happy. And very soon, I got a sibling. But nobody told me about girl. It was a sister. And my lego game dissapeared. „Parents, what is it? I wanted a brother!“I tried to make a claim about my sister. „Be patient!“told me dad. I was patient ( I tried to be) and after next 3 years I really got a brother. My dream came true. But now, he still sleeps and cries. And I am still waiting, when he will be able to go to the fotball gate.
Témata: Listen, Lego

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